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Submersible Sewage Pump is the main products of lanshen group. We have been in the field of manufacturing and exporting Submersible Sewage Pumps for nearly­ ten years.

Sewage Treatment Equipment

Sewage Treatment Equipment

Our Sewage Treatment Equipment include QJB Slow speed propeller,Submersible Mixer, Submersible Aerator, Deep Water Aerator Mixer ,Axial Pumps and so on.

Electric Appliance Control Equipment

Electric Appliance Control Equipment

Adopt high-power in charge of by brilliant floodgates, through adjusting brilliant floodgates in charge of and wait for tradition start the ideal regeneration product of the equipment .


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Nanjing lanshen Pump Corp.LTD., founded in 1958,after 50 years of development, is now a registered capital of 50 million yuan, with assets exceeding 400 million yuan, accounting for area of 280 acres. China’s first submersible sewage pump and mixer in the birth and to fill the gap. Currently has a centrifugal pump, switch type electric control, water treatment equipment for mass production of special machines ability to produce its own sewage plant and pumping station for more than 70% of the equipment. Lanshen Pump R & D and manufacture Submersible Sewage Pump ,sewage pump,axial pump,submersible sewage pump.

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21 November 2019 By admin in blog

The main advantage of the submersible pump

A submersible sewage pump is one that stopped a car, a pump is mounted. Assembly total immersion in the liquid being pumped is necessary. The main advantage of this pump is that it offers a considerable amount of power lifting, because it does not depend on the external atmospheric pressure. A submersible pump mechanical seals
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Status of Water Pollution

China  is a country which with severe water shortage, water resources per capita is only 2300m³, about 1/4 of the world average, is one of the world’s 13 water-poor countries. Water resources in China has the following characteristics: the regional imbalances in the distribution of water, the amount of water in the process when the
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The first reason: sewage lift pump speed is too low 1.Human factors; some users due to motor damage wife, Front analyzer coupled to another motor with a random move, resulting in a small pump flow, head low or even no water; 2.The pump itself of mechanical failure; impeller and shaft fastening nut loose or bent