Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Knowledge

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Recently, a relative told me that I am always in teacher mode and need to shut it off sometimes. It took me aback for a moment because I try hard not to talk about work during off hours. Sometimes, I try hard to keep my mouth closed even though I know the latest research or current […]



When the Game Keeps Changing

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Educators  are constantly worried about the latest standardized test results for their students. Teachers, principals and district administrators analyze test data to see how students can perform better on quarterly or annual tests. School quality ratings, teacher and principal performance and district ratings are tied to test scores on a local, state and national level. Politicians […]



Educators are Great People to Know

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Many of you know a great educator who has impacted our life. Whether it was a grade school or high school teacher, you can immediately recall his or her name.  Educators know the great things that they do on a daily basis. All over the globe, a teacher is nurturing, caring, supporting or assisting a child in his […]

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