Five Areas of Reflection for Educators

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Areas of Reflection

If you were a fly on the wall, what would you see and hear in your classroom? As an administrator, what would you see and hear in your school? Self-Reflection is key to effective teaching and learning. Successful educators know that no matter how good a lesson is in the moment or how good the school rating is, there’s always room for improvement. Great teachers and administrators look for ways to become better at their craft. We will explore five areas of reflection for educators.

According to Beverly Flaxington of Psychology Today, self-reflection is a lost art. In the article, The Lost Art of Self-Reflection, Flaxington states, “It’s quite unpopular today to engage in healthy self-reflection, or to put it in another way, “What’s my role in my problems and how could I address things differently for different results?” Looking outside is so much easier. You can point to the other person, outline their foibles and failings very easily, and then rest comfortably knowing the culprit has been identified!”

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