Two Easy Ways to Help Organize Your Desk

Organize Your Desk

Piles of papers, charts, pens, and pencils are often seen on an educator’s desk. There are student papers to grade, reports to finish, and class schedules scattered about.  Can you relate to a messy desk? Either you are constantly trying to find things or constantly trying to clean the desk. A messy desk equals stress. Therefore, let’s relieve some stress. Here are two easy ways to help organize your desk.

First, reduce the amount of paper on your desk. It is not as easy as it seems because you have to deem what is saveable and what is trash. Teachers and administrators are inundated with paperwork. Every school has various schedules, data charts, and reference sheets. Somehow, all of these things end up on your desk. You need them to be easily accessible, but they’re not. Then it’s time to make them accessible.

Desktop Reference System

Desktop reference systems are great for helping to organize your desk. Most of the systems have a capacity for 20 or more sheets. Tarifold Desktop Reference Starter has a 20 sheet capacity and is expandable to 30sheets. It has two viewing sides for each pivoting pocket. This system is metal and is easily assembled. 

If you prefer a wall unit system, Tarifold offers one. The Tarifold Wall Unit Reference Set comes with 10 display pockets. However, it is expandable to 20 sheets.  The display pockets are two-sided and hold letter size sheets.

So that you make the best choice to fit your needs, always compare different products. Other brands to consider are DURABLE INSTAVIEW 10-Panel Desktop Reference System and Fellowes Desk Reference Rack. Both are expandable to 20 sheets. Also, both products have two-sided views.

A desktop reference system will keep your often used documents close at hand.  However, what about all of the pens and pencils scattered on your desk. You can organize them, too. A simple pen and pencil caddy is the second way to help organize your desk.

Desktop Organizer & Caddies

Check out the STYLIO Office Desk Organizer – Caddies for Office/ Teacher Supplies. It comes in a set of four for a total of 16 compartments. Teachers have different colored pens, pencils, and markers. Also, don’t forget Post-it Notes, note cards, dry erasers, etc. This desk organizer helps to keep your items sorted and accessible.

Afterward, take a look at the Clear Desk Organizer and Caddy. Its compartments have a sloped design. This caddy is made to hold small items like pencils, pens, paper clips, staplers, ruler or cellphone. Although this product is made to hold small items, the little things sometimes make the biggest mess.

Less Mess is Less Stress

A desktop reference system and desk organizer caddy are two items to help organize your desk. Research products to find the perfect fit for you. Then, take two small steps to become better organized. Less mess means less stress! Therefore, there’s no time like the present to begin.

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